Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Spring springing and such like

I know I said something about chicks. Chicks are cute. At least they were last week when they were still new:

Now they're going through their awkward phase. They're all gangly and their pin feathers are coming in and if they could talk their voices would be cracking, except they're girls so maybe they would be wearing jeans that were too low and/or tight and listening to, I don't know, what do tweener girls listen to? Hannah Montana? I have no idea and I hope to never, ever know ever again. I myself went through a Poison phase and my husband will never let me forget it.

We will do these chicks the favour of not taking pictures of them at this point (Also: laziness), something I wish my parents had done for me.

And on to: spring nosegays! Or something. This little trifle of loveliness is sitting in my living room right now en route to its final destination. Probably a stinky bathroom. Poor flowers.

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