Saturday, November 17, 2007

at what point do you just crawl under a rock and say, "fine. I'm fucking done."

Man, I have so not been into this lately. November has been the month of madness. We are having financial issues, health issues, potluck issues, self esteem issues, bedwetting name it, we've had some kind of issue with it recently. It hasn't been conducive to the time suck that is blogging.

Apart from being the receiving end of some love from my children, the best thing that's happened to me lately was falling asleep on my acupuncturists table and waking up when I turned my head slightly and, oh, hello, there's a fucking needle in my ear.

So yes. Much complaining and whining and self pity.

But wait! There's more!

One of my biggest slacker friends, one of those guys in high school that you were always pretty sure was destined for almost-greatness because, dude, he's totally cool and talented but oh, my LANDS such a slacker has just released an album.

Fucking asshole.

I jest. I'm sure it's awesome. I'm going to go to my local record store tomorrow and buy a copy and I'm going to love it and then I'm going to call him and bitch at him for not calling me back after the last time I called him like 4 months ago, but the ball was totally in his court and it was so not my turn, it's his fault.

I need a project.

One that doesn't involve diapers or laundry or block crayons.

Friday, November 2, 2007

This Week in Drinks

This will be a super-shortened-condensed version of TWID because:
  1. I can't find the list I had been keeping track with, and
  2. ...yeah, the list. Can't find. Whoops!
We'll call it the Highlights and leave it at that.

  • Sunday night:
We tried two drinks. At least. One of them was a Corpse Reviver #2 ver.2 thanks very much to Cocktail Nerd. It was fantastic and we enjoyed it again later in the week when we were tired of experimenting.

A note on experimenting with cocktails:

This experimentation is done while imbibing liguor, which, truly, is a great thing. However, I cannot remember most of the drinks we had this week and I'm going to guess that alcohol had something to do with it.

  • Thursday night:
Kelsey made two drinks last night. The drink he made for himself was a Marguerite #2. It was fine. Not too exciting. But, it was pink.

Of course, the drink he made for me was pink, too. And I liked it much more.

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Because of my affection for the Sidecar, Kelsey made me a Boxcar. Because, you know, CARS and stuff. It was nice, but nothing I'd break down any doors to get to again. I really only took pictures because it was pink and it seemed like we needed to document our path down that slippery slope. It can't be long now before we're painting eachother's toenails while sipping Smirnoff Ices, looking forward to the facials we'll be playing with later.

Kelsey's off to make himself a Silver City because I've wussed out and poured myself a glass of wine. I'll let you know next week how it turned out.


And that's it for me tonight. This mistress of suspense is clocking off.