Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Old news, resurfacing

Yes. So. Time has passed. We made bagels again and they were more or less the same. Yummy, satisfying, but imperfect. Much like myself. The new news: I have new glasses! Also contacts! My eyeballs feel like they're being lovingly caressed by sandpaper! Yay!

But: There is other news. I bought some Maraschino! It is lovely, in its way. It is lovely in:
  1. the Aviation
  2. The Last Word
  3. the Union Club.
(Someday I will branch out and not rely quite so heavily on Jay, but he has not led us astray yet.)
((I love Jay's blog the same way I love Luisa's: they tell me what THEY think of the recipes they're trying, and they both have great taste, by which I mean, they both like the same things I like. If we lived anywhere near each other, we'd have the best sleepover ever, what with all the cocktails and yummy nibblets.))

This is incomplete, I know, but I wanted to get these cocktails recorded. I've been sick for so long I've almost forgotten what the contents of the liquor cabinet hold in store for us, and during my illness I tried many of Luisa's lovely recipes but had to rely on my family's feedback because I CANNOT FUCKING TASTE ANYTHING, LIKE ANYTHING AT ALL IT IS AWFUL AND MY HUSBAND IS SO SICK OF ME ASKING HIM TO TASTE THINGS BECAUSE HOLY SHIT, WHAT IF I'M OVER SALTING (breathing, breathing.....) Basically, I'm going to have to try them out all over again so that I can actually taste them.

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