Monday, May 12, 2008


Hey! We got bees! Again! Hopefully they'll stick around this time and not, you know, die!

Last year we set up a hive in the back yard but we were hit with varroa mites and the little guys didn't make it. We did, however, manage to harvest 17 pounds of honey mid summer and they went on to produce several more pounds, more than enough to see themselves through the winter but alas! twas not to be. They lost too much mass and the remaining bees froze to death. It was really sad. We buried the queen.

Her name was Beatrice.

We thought we'd try it again. Two fridays ago, the bees came. The gear:

Sprout is none too sure about the shenanigans that appear to be in the offing:

But the ever-ready Bean is on the job!

Pep talk? Threats of bodily harm if he fucks up? We'll never know.

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More to come....

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